Roku provides access to a wide selection of entertainment content. Thus, making it one of the most popular streaming services. Roku offers the best streaming audio and video experience on a TV. 

However, error codes on Roku TV screens take all the joy out of watching a good movie. The Roku device not working and crashes when it cannot connect to the network available nearby. Then it displays a Roku error code 014.50. 

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What Does the Roku Error Code 014.50 Mean?

You receive a Roku error code 014.50 when the device cannot establish a connection to the local network. There are several factors that can contribute to the error, such as weak signal strength or inaccurate verification information.

In What Way Does This Error Code Cause Problems?

As a result, the device becomes incapable of streaming the content. An error message appears, "Can't connect to your wireless network, error code 014.50." 

Therefore, you should keep your local network connected to the service to ensure uninterrupted streaming.

Troubleshooting and fixing the error 014.50 on Roku requires following a series of steps. 

Why Does Roku Error Code 014.50 Occur?

  • Wi-Fi credentials entered incorrectly
  • An unreliable network connection.
  •  Damaged Ethernet Cable 
  • Bug on Roku
  • Security Programs restricting access.
  • Corrupted or wrong settings of the network
  • Virus or firewall interference


After knowing the causes, you can easily decide which of the solutions below will most effectively solve the situation.

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How To Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 014.50?

1. Restart the Router:


The router may not respond due to internal bugs or glitches and needs a restart. 

In such a scenario, you won't be able to stream content on Roku. Hence, restarting the router solves the problem. The internet resumes working after the restart.

  • Either hold down the power button or unplug the power cable to turn off your router.
  • Reconnect the power cord after some time. 
  • Afterward, press the power button until the router restarts. 

2. Re-check the Wi-Fi Password:

A Roku device cannot connect to your nearby network if you have entered the wrong Wi-Fi credentials. Therefore, double-check that the Wi-Fi password you entered is correct. 

3.  Check the Network Connection:

You might get an error code 014.50 on Roku despite entering the correct password. A slow or unstable internet connection can trigger such an error.

Streaming the content on Roku may fail if your internet connection is unreliable. The best way to avoid getting into such an error is to ensure that your internet connection on Roku is strong and adequate. 

Nevertheless, Ethernet cables serve a stronger and more reliable internet connection than wireless ones.

4. Reboot the Streaming Device:

Rebooting your Roku device is another effective method to fix the error. Performing a reboot will restore your Roku device to a fresh state, thus resolving this error. Here are the instructions for restarting your Roku.

Roku players allow you to restart the system via Settings, System, and System Restart.

For Roku TVs; follow these instructions for rebooting your device:

  • Navigate to your Roku TV settings.
  • To access the power menu, navigate to the System.
  • Under the System tab, click on System Restart. 
  • Finally, you can continue doing what you were doing when the error occurred once your system has restarted. 

Hopefully, the problem won't occur this time. You can, however, move on to the next solution if that happens.

5. Check the Ethernet Cable: 

Occasionally, a damaged Ethernet cable might also cause this error. Using a broken or damaged Ethernet cable to share the Internet connection on your Roku device will result in this error.

Hence, if this is causing the Roku error in your case, you should reconnect it properly or replace the damaged cable.

6. Temporarily Disable the Security programs: 

If your security programs suspect the web connection request is malicious or infected with a virus, they may block it. The solution is to temporarily disable or remove these security programs in order to get out of the error.


You might encounter Roku error code 014.50 when you least expect it. It will deprive you of an enjoyable experience when streaming your favorite shows. We can use the best technology methods to resolve the problem.

If you follow the solutions above, you can resolve the issue. For additional troubleshooting assistance, contact the experts. If none of these fixes work, you can reach out to the professionals.